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Kapton Adhesive Tape
>Kapton Silicon Tape
  1 mil  2 mil  5 mil
>Kapton Acrylic Tape
>Kapton Epoxy Tape
Double Side Kapton Tape
ESD Kapton Tape
Polyimide Film (Kapton HN)
>Thin Polyimide Film
>Thick Polyimide Film
BOPI Polyimide Film
Kapton Film for Voice Coil
Polyimide FEP Film (Kapton FN)
Kapton Nomex Felt Tube
Kapton Die-cut Parts
>Kapton Discs
>Kapton Dots
>Other Shape Kapton Gaskets

COMPANY BRIEF offers only the material related with Kapton including the Kapton film, Kapton adhesive tape, polyimide tape, polyimide FEP film. Kapton tape has good property, it can work well under extreme conditions. It is also very popular be made into FPCB and widely used in the eletronic industries.


Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions
We offer solution of all kind of Kapon film and polyimide FEP film for different electrical cables especially the magnet wire. Magnet wire is usually used on the oil drilling plate. The condition of the oil drilling plate is extremely bad, the temperature and the working condition is wet and hot. Kapton film and Kapton FEP film has the good property at such condition like high and low temerature resistance, acidity and alkali resistance, it can protect the cable working safely and steady for long time.

PCB Solutions

PCB Solutions
Kapton Tape is polupar used in the PCB industry, most of the FCCL is made of kapton film and copper foil after lamination. You can easily find the FPCB parts made of FCCL sheet in mobile, notebook and other electrical and electronic equipments. Kapton tape is also be used durring the PCB making process. It is used as strength tape or cover tape on the PCBS. Also, kapton silicon adhesive tape can used as masking tape to protect the golden fingers durring the SMT process of PCB because of it high temp. resistance and none adhesive left after peeling.

Kapton Die-cut Part

Insulation Solutions
Kapton Film can also used in the motors, in the morden world, the motor is became smaller but the powder goes high. Kapton is a very good material for the H class motors. It can stand the high voltage and high temperature and protect the motor working saftly. Kapton tape is also suit for making kapton die-cuts like kapton discs, kapton dots and other shape of gasket. It is used as partial insulation as requested. Also, Kapton film can be used for printing label useddin many extreme condition requested. The special property of kapton film can used in voice coild etc.

How We Packing the Kapton Product
Kapton Film is usualy wind on an ID 3" paper core, it has different based on different thickness. Usually on roll is about 28kg at width 520mm. The Kapton rolls will be covered by several layer of PE film and bubble soft material to avoid the dust and impacting. Finally the roll will be load in the cartons.
Kapton Adhesive Tapeis usualy wind on an ID 3" HDPE core, we can offer 1" and 1.5" core also if you request, the length usually be 33m or 66m. It is packed in a shrinkage film. Several roll of tape will be packed together and put in the cartons. We use the bubble soft material in the carton to protect the tape from been impacted.
Kapton Die-cut is usually on the release filmif it is made by the adhesive tape, there will be 1000 or 2000 pcs on one roll. If it is made of none adhesive tape, we will put it in the poly bags with 1000 or 2000 pcs in it.
Usually we offers the neutral packing on our product, if you will have special request on the packing, you can discuss with our sales person, many thank for your choosing

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